How To Win A Denied Life Insurance Claim It is estimated that at least two thirds of all life insurance is never paid to the policy beneficiary. So chances are pretty good that if you are reading this, you are among the approximately 70% of life insurance beneficiaries who have received a denial letter from their life insurance company. Misrepresentation on the application for life insurance is the most common way to deny a death claim.

Life Insurance Beneficiary Rules

The Application For Insurance is the first place the insurance company will look to escape its responsibility to pay the policy’s death benefits. Usually they zero in on the answers to one of the medical questions. They will obtain your loved one’s medical records and comb through them looking for any possible discrepancies. Some common “easy outs” include items like an entry for COPD or evidence of obesity or any prior drug or alcohol treatment. The first thing to know is that even after getting a denial for an inaccurate answer on the application, these are often winnable cases. These cases are very fact specific and require the skill of an experienced life insurance attorney. If you’ve been denied there’s no downside to letting an experienced life insurance attorney review your case. Feel free to contact the Life Insurance Recovery Team at DiGeorge Law.