In Accidental Death and Dismemberment Life Insurance Policies, Homicide is considered an Accidental Cause of Death. Nevertheless, life insurance companies routinely deny AD&D Claims when the Cause of Death is listed as a Homicide. This is especially true if the murder victim happens to be a minority. Unfortunately, there is almost a presumption that if someone has been murdered, they must have been doing something wrong themselves.

Life Insurance Companies understand that these Homicide and Murder claims typically involve a lengthy police investigation. The police investigation and potential criminal trial that follows can easily last one or two years. Until the police investigation and/or trial are completed, it is generally impossible to obtain the information needed to exonerate the victim of potential wrongdoing.

Life Insurance Companies often deny these AD&D Claims by alleging that the deceased had a criminal record or was involved in some sort of illegal activity at the time of the murder. These are often completely groundless accusations, but the beneficiary is left to prove otherwise. The large majority of life insurance beneficiaries who receive a claim denial eventually give up and reluctantly accept the life insurance company’s denial of their completely valid AD&D claim.

The DiGeorge Life Insurance Law Firm has tremendous experience winning all types of denied accidental death claims and especially denied murder claims. We know how to work with the police and prosecutors to get the information we need.