The average cost of a funeral with a viewing and burial is $7,848. If your death is an accident, an accidental death insurance payout can help cover these expenses. This type of life insurance policy can help alleviate some of the stress experienced by your family.

But how long does it take for an accidental death benefit to payout? Knowing the answer to this is important as you plan for the future. Keep reading to learn more about accidental death insurance and when to hire an attorney for help with the payout.

What’s Accidental Death Insurance?

Accidental death insurance (AD&D), is a type of coverage specifically designed to provide financial protection in the event of an untimely accident resulting in death or severe injury. Unlike traditional life insurance policies that cover natural causes or illnesses, accidental death insurance focuses solely on accidents.

So what exactly does this mean? Well, let’s say you have accidental death coverage and you were to pass away due to a car accident or a fall from heights.

In that scenario, your beneficiaries would receive a lump sum payout from the insurance company. This can help ease any financial burdens they may face, such as funeral expenses, outstanding debts, or ongoing living costs.

But it doesn’t stop at just providing for your loved ones in the event of your passing. Accidental death insurance often includes additional benefits for dismemberment. This means that if you were to lose a limb or suffer permanent disability due to an accident covered by the policy, you could be eligible for compensation as well.

How to Get an Accidental Death Claim Paid

When it comes to getting an accidental death claim paid, there are a few key steps you need to follow. First, it’s crucial to understand what is covered by your AD&D insurance policy.

This type of insurance typically covers deaths caused by accidents, such as car crashes or falls. However, each policy may have specific exclusions, so review the terms carefully.

Gather All Necessary Documentation

This may include official reports such as police or medical records related to the accident. It’s essential to provide accurate and detailed information when submitting your claim to ensure a smooth process.

Contact the Insurance Company

Once you have all the necessary documentation, contact your insurance company to start the claims process. They will provide you with specific instructions on how to submit your claim and may require additional information.

Fill Out Claim Forms

Your insurance company may require you to fill out claim forms, which can be done online or through mail. Make sure to include all necessary information and accurately report the details of the accident.

Submit Proof of Death

You will also need to submit proof of death, such as a death certificate, to your insurance company. This document is crucial in verifying that the death was accidental and that it falls under the coverage of your policy.

Wait for Approval and Payment

After submitting your claim, it can take some time for the insurance company to review and approve it. Once approved, they will typically issue a payment within a few weeks.

If Your Claim’s Denied

If your claim is denied, review your policy and contact your insurance company for an explanation. If you believe the denial was incorrect, you may have options for appealing the decision.

How Long Does it Take to Process an Accidental Death Insurance Payout?

Accidental death claims can be a source of financial relief during difficult times, but how long do they actually take to process? The processing time for an accidental death claim can vary depending on several factors.

It is challenging to provide an exact timeframe for accidental death claim payouts due to these variables. However, most insurance companies strive to settle claims within 30 to 60 days of receiving all necessary documents and completing their investigation.

The Complexity

If there are any complications or discrepancies in the documentation provided, it may lengthen the processing time. The insurance company’s internal procedures and workload also impact how long it takes to process a claim. Some companies may have streamlined processes, while others might have more extensive review protocols.

External Factors

Legal requirements and investigations can make the wait for claim settlement even longer. Insurance companies often need to investigate accidents thoroughly before making a decision. This investigation process is essential to ensure that fraudulent claims are not paid out.

Incomplete Documentation

It’s important to make sure all required documents are submitted in a timely manner and that they are accurate and complete. Missing or incorrect information can cause delays, as insurers may need to request additional documentation or clarification.

When Should You Hire a Lawyer?

In situations where you’re dealing with an accidental death claim, there may come a point where you need to consider hiring a lawyer. Not every case will require legal assistance. But there are certain circumstances where having expert guidance can be invaluable.

Your Claim’s Unjustly Denied

Consulting with an attorney who specializes in insurance claims can help you navigate the complexities of a denied claim. They can review your policy and provide insights into whether the denial is legitimate or if there are grounds for further action.

Hire a Lawyer for Delayed Payouts

Remember that nothing is guaranteed when dealing with insurance companies. Delays happen even with valid claims at times. If you find yourself facing excessive delays or unfair treatment during an accidental death claim process, consult with an experienced lawyer.

Having legal representation by your side helps level the playing field between you and powerful insurers. A lawyer will fight tirelessly on your behalf so that you receive just compensation within a reasonable timeframe.

Let Us Fight for You

AD&D provides an additional layer of financial protection for individuals and their families. If you’re experiencing delays or your claim gets denied, an experienced lawyer can help. Don’t get stuck waiting for an accidental death insurance payout.

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