Insurance is all about planning for the things that you don’t want to have happen. This is especially the case with life insurance, where the stakes are the highest.

Unintentional injury deaths surpassed 224,000 incidents in 2021. These sorts of accidents, and even homicides, are an unfortunate part of life and society. Having a life insurance plan that covers these sorts of details will help you plan ahead and make sure that you’re taken care of in the event of a loved one’s untimely passing.

These tips are helpful if you’re looking into basic AD&D insurance and what it entails.

What Is Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance (AD&D)?

If you’re looking into Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) insurance, take the time to learn what it entails and what it covers. This is a type of plan that is generally added to a typical life insurance plan.

Whenever an unintentional death occurs, this plan will activate to make sure that the person tied to the policy gets compensation for it. Compensation will be given both for accidental death and for issues of dismemberment, such as a loss of a limb, vision loss, hearing loss, and other incidents.

What Constitutes an Accidental Death?

Make sure that you also understand what constitutes an accidental death situation. When an accidental death occurs, it must be verifiable and the result of an unforeseen incident.

You’ll need to prove this for your AD&D insurance to kick in, and there are a variety of variables at play.

Types of Accidental Deaths

There are several different types of accident deaths that an AD&D insurance plan will cover. These involve personal and work-related incidents, and injuries suffered in your home.

Some examples of verifiable accident deaths include:

  • Accidents that happen during work travel
  • Car accident cases
  • Fires
  • Electrical injuries
  • Drowning
  • Falls from heights
  • Poisoning
  • Plane and train crashes
  • Getting hit by a car as a pedestrian or cyclist
  • Murder
  • Homicide

With this in mind, your AD&D plan will also cover you against issues related to dismemberment, including paralysis, spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injury (TBI), and a host of others.

What Are Some Difficulties in Collecting Claims?

Though you hold a life insurance plan, keep in mind that there are always potential setbacks that might make it difficult for you to collect. This can stand in the way of getting the payment that you’re entitled to, which is a frustrating ordeal.

Here are some of the main difficulties that plan holders run into:

Proving the Death

The first and most critical part of the process is proving the death to the life insurance company. These life insurance pros will do their due diligence in investigating when responding to a claim. These pros will also act based on the coroner’s report and the cause of death listed on the death certificate.

Make sure that you act in a timely fashion to get the documentation that you need. You might need to hire a legal professional to help with this and to prove that the death was the result of an accident or homicide.

Denied AD&D Claims

In most cases, AD&D claims are denied because of certain exclusions. This comes down to understanding your plan and making sure that the cause of death is covered.

Most life insurance companies will have a list of exclusions, such as:

  • A death or accident that is the result of a suicide attempt
  • A death or accident that occurs in the commission of a felony
  • A death or accident that happened while racing in a vehicle
  • A death or accident that occurred during risky activities, such as bungee jumping or skydiving
  • A death or accident that happened while using drugs

These sorts of situations are dicey and require the help of a legal professional that can prove you are entitled to insurance proceeds.

Delays in the Process

One of the biggest issues with life insurance is that claims can get delayed from time to time. When these delays occur, they can cause financial distress while you’re also grieving or dealing with the fallout of a serious accident.

These delays occur due to paperwork and obligations, but could also be due to the life insurance company offering lower financial payouts. An attorney can help you prove and substantiate how much money you are entitled to. They’ll do extensive research into your case and make sure that you have the evidence needed.

How Can You Manage Your Life Insurance Policy?

If you’re trying to get the most out of your situation, it’s important that you handle your plan with discretion. Managing your life insurance policy involves first choosing the right company that offers it.

Shop around with an insurance company that offers extensive AD&D, and read through their list of exclusions. Touch base with a legal professional that can assist you in choosing the right plan, and answer any questions that you have. You can then use the same attorney to assist you if you ever need to pursue litigation.

Take Care of Your Basic AD&D Policy

When you opt for a basic AD&D policy, it’ll help you manage against unforeseen circumstances. If you need help with a claim or just want answers to questions, it pays to reach out to legal pros that are great at what they do.

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